USCCA Resources

The United States Concealed Carry Association started with just a magazine back in 2003. They have grown substantially and below are just a few of the products and services provided by USCCA. Don’t take my word for it, see if for yourself. Check out these great resources!

USCCA Membership
& Insurance

USCCA Tim Schmidt

USCCA Membership
Kerri’s Story

USCCA Membership
Bruce’s Story

USCCA Womens Handgun
and Self Defense Book

USCCA Conceal Carry and
Home Defense Book

USCCA Countering the
Mass Shooter Threat Book

USCCA Next Level
Training DVDs

Free DVDs

USCCA Guide to Treating
Gunshot Wounds

USCCA Emergency
First Aid Fundamentals

USCCA Armed and Ready
Training DVDs

USCCA Armed American
Training DVD Series

USCCA Kids and Guns
DVD and Booklet

USCCA Advanced
Gunfighting and Survival

USCCA Personal Protection
Guide for Women

USCCA The Crucial
Advantage Book

USCCA Magazine

Biometric Safe